What is D2M technology?

D2M technology stands for Direct-to-mobile technology. This technology will allow mobile phone users to watch TV and OTT on their devices without using the internet. It will work in the same way that people listen to FM radio on their phones. For this, the Public Relations Department of the GoI, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and IIT Kanpur have also started making a comprehensive plan.

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How D2M Technology will benefit consumers?

  • First, Consumers can access multimedia content without internet.
  • It will be available for free or at a nominal cost.
  • People in rural areas with limited or no internet access will also get benefited.
  • It can be used to broadcast live news, sports etc.
  • It can be used to issue emergency alerts and also assist with disaster management.
  • According to the report, 80% of the traffic coming on the internet is from videos so this technology will reduce the pressure on the internet and improve its quality.

What are the concerns of business companies?

Network provider companies are worried that people will reduce recharging their devices which will cause losses to the companies.


Currently, TV reach is limited to around 210-220 mn households while India has 800 mn smartphone users. This number can reach around 1 bn by 2026. That’s why the govt. wants that the channels should be broadcast on mobile also so that the necessary information can be conveyed to the people.