As I have cleared two govt. exams(Railway NTPC 2019 and CGL 2020) in my young age of 22. That’s why I want to share my strategy with all of you but I also want to say that you need not trust me blindly because everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses but you will get a great idea through my strategy. I share it with you step-by-step-

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  1. First, you should target only one or two exams and never target multiple exams at a time. It will bewilder you.
  2. You should make a syllabus that covers all the chapters and topics of that/those exam/exams.
  3. Now, you have to analyse yourself with a practice mock test of your exam/exams. It will give you a brief idea of your position.
  4. After taking the mock test, you will get to know that in which subject, how much hard work do you need to do.
  5. If you feel that you are very weak in any subject then you have to take a coaching class either online or offline. If you feel that there are only some topics that you have to cover then you can cover those topics from youtube or with the help of any person who can guide you.
  6. After completing the syllabus, you will need revision. You can revise your syllabus with chapter-wise practice tests and also you can take section-wise tests on weekends.
  7. After completing revision and section-wise tests you are fully prepared to take full-length mock tests. One thing I want to remind you is that you should choose a good platform for tests, why not if it is expensive? It will provide you with unique questions related to your exams also some new tricks which can be beneficial for you.
    • A common student can complete the journey so far in 1 year. Although it depends on you how much time you can finish it.
  8. Now, when your exam is near then you have to do previous-year papers of the exam. Once you complete mock tests, you will find previous-year papers are easier than mocks. This is because such platforms keep the level of their mock tests slightly higher than normal papers.
  9. you have to go through all the subjects once before the exam.
  10. Take the exam keeping your mind calm and after passing the first stage of the exam you have to follow the same strategy in further stages as well.

As I have already said, everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses that’s why you should make your own strategy but my strategy can help you a lot in this.