You must have seen often that some anti-social elements manipulate QR codes installed in hotels or restaurants. So, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory(CSAIL) have developed an invisible QR code/tag(BrightMarker).

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BrightMarkers are invisible to the naked eye, which makes them tamper-proof but people should put their BrightMarkers inside an object before it’s made, so they can’t attach them to the things that are already made. The BrightMarkers have fluorescent materials that cause them to produce light at a particular near-infrared wavelength. This makes them stand out and can be easily seen using infrared cameras.

The researchers of MIT developed two hardware setups for detecting BrightMarkers: One for smartphones and the other for AR and VR headsets. The hardwares have the capacity to view and scan the BrightMarkers, the Longpass filter will obscure surrounding objects and another device will only spot the fluorescence. These few devices together make a revolutionary system.

Some important points about BrightMarkers-

  1. BrightMarkers can be used to track limb movement.
  2. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc. can scan the BrightMarkers to grab data about the product’s movement.
  3. Another potential use of BrightMarkers is night vision monitoring in home security cameras.
  4. It is easy to use and low-cost as compared to InfraredTags and Apple’s AirTags.


BrightMarkers technology will be revolutionary and definitely we will see the use of them in our everyday life in the near future.