World's Most Powerful Laser

In the southeastern European country Romania, A research centre, part of the European Union’s Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project has developed the world’s most powerful laser. The laser, operated by the French company Thales, is built upon the groundbreaking inventions of Nobel Physics Prize winners of 2018 Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland. The research centre is situated near Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

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How the Laser Works-

The laser technology is known as the Chirped-Pulse Amplification (CPA) technique. By elongating and considering ultra-brief pulses, CPA achieves unparalleled levels of intensity, opening doors to diverse applications such as sophisticated precision tools in corrective eye surgery and industrial purposes.

The Era of Laser-

Mourou envisions the 21st century as an age dominated by laser technology, similar to the electron’s importance in the last century. With the capacity to reach a peak power of 10 petawatts for a femtosecond duration, the laser holds immense potential across various fields.

Applications of the Laser-

It holds the potential for revolutionary applications in various sectors, ranging from healthcare to space exploration. Its applications range from compact and cost-effective particle accelerators for cancer treatment to addressing challenges like nuclear waste disposal and space debris cleanup, showcasing the limitless possibilities of laser technology.

Investment and Efforts-

It has received a substantial investment of 320 million euros, predominantly funded by the EU. It stands as Romania’s largest-ever scientific research endeavour. However, other nations including France, China and the United States are global quest for even more powerful lasers.

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