India has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in disaster relief- the world’s first portable disaster hospital. This remarkable facility, known as the Aarogya Maitri Cube, is a crucial component of PM Modi’s ambitious “Project BHISHM”(Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog Hita and Maitri), introduced in February 2022. Officially inaugurated during the MedTech Expo in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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The Aarogya Maitri Cube: Exploring the Interior-

The hospital is made up of 72 cubes. Each cube contains a vital assortment of equipment and supplies, including an operating theatre, a mini-ICU, ventilators, blood test equipment, an X-ray machine, a cooking station, food, water, shelter, a power generator etc. These cubes are ingeniously designed to provide essential medical care and humanitarian assistance in natural disasters.

A Good Solution in Disaster Management-

The Aarogya Maitri Cube’s modular design enhances its efficiency and adaptability during disaster response missions. The 72 cubes can be combined to create specialised cages, each accommodating 36 mini-cubes. These mini-cubes contain nearly everything required for the survival of 100 survivors for 48 hours. There are two such cages, known as master cubes, which can be joined together to support up to 200 survivors.

Inspired by the simplicity of the Rubik’s cube, the design ensures that each cube is lightweight. This lightweight feature allows for easy manual transport over a distance of up to a kilometre, enabling swift deployment to disaster-stricken areas.

A Movable Hospital for Critical Care-

Each master cube, consisting of 36 mini-cubes, weighs less than 750 kg in total. When two such cubes are combined, they form a movable hospital capable of performing life-saving surgeries and delivering comprehensive medical care. This remarkable flexibility ensures that the Aarogya Maitri Cube can adapt to the unique demands of each disaster scenario, delivering critical care precisely when and where it is needed most.

Modern Technology and Sustainability-

To maximise the efficiency of the disaster hospital, an application has been developed to seamlessly operate all 72 cubes. The kit also includes a portable generator with both traditional and solar panel-based options, guaranteeing a reliable power supply for the entire setup. Furthermore, all equipment is rechargeable, emphasising sustainability in disaster relief operations.

In sum, the Aarogya Maitri Cube stands as a testament to India’s dedication to innovation in disaster response and humanitarian aid. This portable, modular and technologically advanced disaster hospital promises to save countless lives and provide crucial support in times of crisis, both within India and beyond its borders.