India Skills Report 2024

Recently, The talent assessment agency ‘Wheebox’ in collaboration with different agencies like the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Google, Taggd etc., unveiled the ‘India Skills Report 2024’ with the theme of Impact of AI on the Future of WorkSkilling & Mobility. This is its 11th edition.

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Key Highlights of the India Skills Report 2024-

AI Leadership and Talent Focusing-

  • As of August 2023, there were 4.16 lakh AI professionals and it’s anticipated to reach 1 million by 2026 to meet the rising demand.
  • India faces a 60%-73% demand-supply gap in key roles like ML engineer, data scientist, DevOps engineer and data architect.

Job Trends-

  • In India, overall young employability has risen to 51.25% compared to the previous year.
  • Haryana leads, followed by Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Telangana, housing the most employable youth.
  • Haryana tops the list with 76.47% of test takers scoring 60% and above on the WNET, indicating the highest concentration of employable youth.

City-Specific Employability-

Age group: 18-21

  1. Pune: 80.82% employable candidates
  2. Bengaluru: 72.18% employable candidates
  3. Trivandrum: 67.22% employable candidates

Age group: 22-25

  1. Lucknow: 88.89% employable candidates
  2. Mumbai: 82.45% employable candidates
  3. Bengaluru: 74.63% employable candidates

Age group: 26-29

  1. Pune: 85.71% employable candidates
  2. Lucknow: 75% employable candidates
  3. Jaipur: 71.80% employable candidates

State-Specific Employability-

Age group: 18-21

  1. Telangana: 85.45% employable candidates
  2. Kerala: 74.93% employable candidates

Age group: 22-25

  1. Uttar Pradesh: 74.77% employable candidates
  2. Maharashtra: 71.97% employable candidates

Age group: 26-29

  1. Gujarat: 78.24% employable candidates
  2. Jharkhand: 76.56% employable candidates

Increase in Female LFPR-

There’s been a steady rise in the female labour force participation rate (LFPR), promoting healthy competition and addressing gender imbalances in society.

*LFPR represents the portion of individuals in the workforce or actively seeking employment within the population.

Active Engagement in Government Training Schemes-

FICSI has actively engaged in numerous government-driven skilling training schemes such as PMKVY, NULM, DDUGKY, Skill Hubs, and Samagra Shiksha, showcasing its dedication to bolstering skill development initiatives.

Most Preferred State to Work-

In this year’s results, Kerala tops as the most preferred state for male and female employable talent while Cochin is the most preferred area to work for female test takers.


The India Skills Report 2024 emphasises the need for comprehensive collaboration and proactive actions to bridge the skill gap and prepare the workforce for the changing job market. It also stresses the transformative impact of AI, obstacles in skill development and advances in employability.